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Living Word Christian School Scholarship Options

There are two Florida private school scholarship options that are available at our school. Following are the highlights of the scholarship with the links for detailed information. If you need assistance L.W.C.S. will be glad to help you.

Step Up For Students is a Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship Program. This program provides K-12 education scholarships for qualifying low-income students who are entering kindergarten or first grade or attended public school the previous year. This scholarship must be applied for every school year.

As a ministry to our community and our parents we accept the Step Up For Students scholarship amount as payment in full. The balance difference between school tuition and the scholarship amount will be waived.

To view all of the requirements to participate in this program click this link:

L.W.C.S. was one of the first private schools in the state to participate in the John McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities in 2000. This scholarship ensures that no child with disabilities will be left behind by allowing parents to choose the private school that will best meet the educational needs of their child. L.W.C.S. has had tremendous success with McKay recipients. During the past 10 years while participating in this scholarship, many students have come to us with “learning labels”. We have never had a student that could not learn, they simply learned differently!

To be eligible, an ESE student must have a current IEP and be enrolled in grades K through 12 in a Florida public school from October 1 through March 1. Once approved, students receiving a McKay scholarship will automatically retain their scholarship every year.

How does the scholarship work financially? The Department of Education mails the McKay funds directly to our school four times a year. The checks are made out to the parent. We then have the parent endorse the payment. This endorsement procedure is a requirement as a participating McKay school.

How do you obtain a McKay Scholarship? You may file your intent to participate in the McKay Scholarship program by calling our school. We will be glad to assist you, or click on this link:
. No commitment is made by filing an Intent to Participate. This simply assures your choice is available.
Intents must be filed by July 3, 2010 with enrollment in a private school no later than August 3rd to participate in the fall. There are other important McKay deadlines available on the School Choice website.

LWCS In-House Scholarships are available at our school on a first come, first serve basis. Scholarships may be up to $1,500.00 towards the cost of tuition.

Single Parent Discounts are always available.

Free before and after extended care is provided for all students that require it.